An adventure, through the less known aerodromes of Angola, with the possibility of visiting exotic and unknown places. The VFR Angola Tour is made for those who enjoy low-altitude flight and  like to test their skills at aerodromes without radiosNavs.

Uma aventura, pelos aeródromos menos conhecidos de Angola, com a possibilidade de visitar lugares exóticos e desconhecidos. O Tour VFR Angola, é feito para aqueles que gostam de voo a baixa altitude e testar as suas capacidades em aeródromos sem Rádio-ajudas.


* Make sure you have all navigation and visual information needed for each aerodrome.
* All legs must be flown in the order given.
* All legs must be flown in day time.
* No slewing allowed.
* No direct flights. Visual references such as landmarks, roads, rivers, coastlines, must be used and filed with the Flightplans
Please note that maximum altitude above ground level for flights is 15 000 feet. Maximum speed for any flight may not exceed 240 knots IAS.

Author:  Alexandre SilvaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Upon completion of this tour, you will be awarded with the  badge


In order to improve your experience in P3d and FSX, you can download and install the following scenery files.

Para melhorar sua experiência no P3d ou no FSX, você pode baixar e instalar os seguintes cenários.


P3d : HERE


X-Plane: HERE

Charts : HERE


Leg Departure Arrival Distance Ivap FP
1 FNLB – Lobito EMAFAN FNWK – Wako Kungo 105NM AOVFR01
2 FNWK – Wako Kungo FNPA – Porto Amboím 89NM AOVFR02
3 FNPA – Porto Amboím FNCP – Capanda 115NM AOVFR03
4 FNCP – Capanda FNNG – Negage 120NM AOVFR04
5 FNNG – Negage FNZE – N'Zeto 148NM AOVFR05
6 FNZE – N'Zeto FNAM – Ambriz 44NM AOVFR06
7 FNAM – Ambriz FNDA – N'Dalatando 132NM AOVFR07
8 FNDA – N'Dalatando FNCL – Cabo Ledo 101NM AOVFR08
9 FNCL – Cabo Ledo FNSU – Sumbe 97NM AOVFR09
10 FNSU – Sumbe FNBG – Benguela 89NM AOVFR10
11 FNBG – Benguela FNGV – Gove 150NM AOVFR11
12 FNGV – Gove FN0B – Matala 90NM AOVFR12
13 FN0B – Matala FN17 – Cahama 99NM AOVFR13
14 FN17 – Cahama FNXA – Xangongo 48NM AOVFR14
15 FNXA – Xangongo FNGI – Ondjiva 46NM AOVFR15
16 FNGI – Ondjiva FNMO – Namibe 230NM AOVFR16
17 FNMO – Namibe FNLB – Lobito 191NM AOVFR17

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