Explore the skies of Angola, with the possibility of visiting the main airports, take advantage of the new radioNavs and navigation procedures, recently updated for all airspace. The IFR Angola Tour, will allow you to get to know Angola from one end to the other.

Explore os céus de Angola, com a possibilidade de visitar os principais aeroportos, usufruir das novas rádio-ajudas e procedimentos de navegação, recentemente actualizados para todo o espaço aéreo. O Tour IFR Angola, pirmitir-lhe-á conhecer Angola de uma ponta à outra..


* Make sure you have all the needed charts for each aerodrome.
* All legs must be flown in the order given.
* All legs must be flown in real time.
* No slewing allowed.
* No direct flights.
* Reporting of Winds Aloft is mandatory. Legs not automatically validated due to exceeding MAX TAS will be rejected. 
* In the case of varying winds report the maximum tail wind.

Author:  Alexandre SilvaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Upon completion of this tour, you will be awarded with the IFR Tour badge.


In order to improve your experience in P3d and FSX, you can download and install the following scenery files.

Para melhorar sua experiência no P3d ou no FSX, você pode baixar e instalar os seguintes cenários.


P3d : HERE


Charts : HERE


Leg Departure Arrival Distance
1 FNLU – Luanda Int. FNDU – Dundo 461NM
2 FNDU – Dundo FNMO – Namibe 695NM
3 FNMO – Namibe FNUE – Luena 499NM
4 FNUE – Luena FNCA – Cabinda 589NM
5 FNCA – Cabinda FNSA – Saurimo 547NM
6 FNSA – Saurimo FNUB – Lubango 510NM
7 FNUB – Lubango FNSO – Soio 531NM
8 FNSO – Soio FNGI – Ondjiva 683NM
9 FNGI – Ondjiva FNMA – Malanje 452NM
10 FNMA – Malanje FNCT – Catumbela Int. 243NM
11 FNCT – Catumbela Int. FNLU – Luanda Int. 218NM

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