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The IVAO Angola Division is responsible for Angola's airspace. 
Operating under the IATA code (AO) the division manages the airspace that goes from the eastern border of Angola to the middle of the Atlantic, where brazilian airspace begins. 

The Angola Division is responsible for the airspace stretching in latitude from 5 degrees to 18 degrees South; and in longitude from 10 degrees West to 24 degrees East. 

In addition to a considerable continental airspace, our region still covers a large oceanic airspace, which represents more than half of all our space.

Our domestic airspace has 18 main airports, added by some secondary airports in each province and some other remote airfields, which will give the simmers numerous and unique challenges. 

The topography of the country is quite differentiated, from tropical forests in the North, mountain ranges in the center, desert to the south, a vast network of rivers and even more than a thousand kilometers of coast with white sand beaches..